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we_luv_ramlatch's Journal

Ramlatch's Fanclub
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This is the fan club for ramlatch Because we adore her like that. mmhm.
archery, armor, ayahuasca, barefoot, beat generation, bibliomania, bibliophilia, billiards, bisexuality, blackadder, blue heron ale, bob marley, british columbia, buddhism, cabaret, caffeine, california rolls, cirque du soleil, cockburns's porto vino, coffee, coffee houses, cryptography, darts, david wenham, denethor, dennis mckenna, disinfo, doctor who, eomer, faramir, flying circus, fourth tower of inverness, gay rights, ghost in the shell, gondor, grateful dead, haldir, hama, hamster death gulp, hatha yoga, having my muses talk, high preist, iado, imagination, jack flanders, jazz, jefferson airplane, jello biafra, ken kesey, klcc, knife throwing, kwax, kyudo, linguistics, making chain mail, manchester guardian, meatball fulton, medieval warfare, medieval weaponry, meditating, mespt, metal smithing, monty python, morgoth's ring, mr rogers, mst3k, my muses, mystery science theatre 3000, naked in mordor game, narnia, neal stephenson, new mexico, northern exposure, painting, poker, pro-choice, queer as folk, red dwarf, revolution, rocky horror picture show, rohan, ruby tuesday, sailing, science-fiction, seattle, silmarillion, sindarin, sketching, slash, sockpuppets, solitude, starlight, steganography, storms, stropharia, terence mckenna, thai food, the ah-ha phenomena, the archaic revival, the cool place, the lost road, the lost tales, the razor's edge, the real folk blues, the sea, the silmarillion, the unfinished tales, thunderstorms, timothy leary, tolkien, torturing my muses, traveling alone, unfinished tales, walkabouts, warm rain, welding, writing, zbs, zen