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Randomness that = you

I stumbled across my PSI Corp card today and thought of you. Wasn't wearing black leather gloves, though. But I know where they are.

I listened to your words last night, and let them override my own common sense today. ;) enjoy. Cause that's going to happen daily now. I trust you to leave it be when you need to or fly with it when you are able. I still feel shakey about instigating when you are so insanely burdened... but I get it.

I wrote of rebellious raindrops this morning, while still very sleepy. That is such fun, writing with a fuzzy brain. And I wrote the pacific northwest, and I think one raindrop escaped my story and veered to spash on your cheek. Sorry. ;) Well, not.

Now the real world calls me. I'll go placate it for a while, and will return about midnightish. And if I see them, they will know we are here.

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