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Top Ten Reasons I Luv Ramlatch

10 Reasons I Luv Ramlatch...

10. She hold the power of the sun and the rain in her left hand.

9. I heard she once killed a man in Colorado for snoring too loud.

8. She invented that cool new Yoga position, the one that takes you into 2 new alternate universes via a leg bend.

7. She puts the "I" in Italics (muns will get that)

6. She pushes me to think outside the box, be a better writer, and enjoy the trip. (wow, a serious reason)

5. unfinished-tales.com

4. She taught me the wonderfullness of adding lime juice to my Pepsi.

3. Introduced me to all this lovely Cafe Del Mar music I play constantly now.

2. She often understands my thoughts before I think them.

1. Because she is RAMLATCH. Enough reason all on it's own.

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